Inspection Report

An excellent inspection report. 

During their last visit inspectors examined the eight broad areas of school life as well as reviewing the Early Years department. The grades used by the ISI are: 1. Excellent 2. Good 3. Satisfactory 4. Unsatisfactory. Prior Park Prep's results are excellent and show a significant improvement to the results from the last inspection.

  1. The quality of pupil's achievements and their learning, attitudes and skills: Excellent. "Throughout the school the pupils’ overall achievement is excellent. This fulfils the school’s aim for all talents to be nurtured so that all pupils can reach their potential and be well prepared to enter the next stage of their education with confidence. The pupils show great enthusiasm for learning. They are eager to respond to questions as well as to ask them, showing their developing enquiring minds."
  2. The contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision: Excellent. "The curriculum is of excellent quality and is suitable for all ages and needs. It includes a wide range of well-planned subjects which enable pupils to extend their skills in literacy, numeracy, speaking and listening. An emphasis on outdoor learning allows pupils to experience how nature and conservation link to other subjects. Together with the excellent range of extra-curricular activities, it makes a highly positive contribution to the quality of the pupils’ achievement and personal development."
  3. The contribution of teaching: Good and often Excellent. "The overall quality of teaching is good and often excellent and has improved
    significantly since the previous inspection. Teaching shows high expectations of pupils and encourages self-belief. Pupils realise this and have a confident ‘I can’ culture. Well-planned teaching enables all to gain a secure foundation in basic skills as well as increasing understanding and knowledge. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning when appropriate, and well planned and interesting lessons give them many opportunities to do so."
  4. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils: Excellent. "They are happy, motivated and purposeful. From the EYFS upwards pupils grow in confidence and emotional intelligence; they care for others and take pride in both their own and others’ achievements."
  5. The contribution of arrangements for welfare, health and safety: Excellent. "The caring, friendly and dedicated staff create a community in which pupils flourish and grow up to be confident and responsible young people ready for the next stage of their education. Parents much value the care given to their children. Pupils are extremely well known to all staff. Form teachers and the new tutorial system provide sympathetic and strong support and guidance, both academically and pastorally. Pupils appreciate the help they receive both in and out of class."
  6. The quality of governance: Excellent. "The Prior Park Educational Trust contains professionals with a range of expertise and within this body a dedicated prep school advisory group now supports the head and staff and visits the school frequently. The trust has a strong strategic vision for the future development of the school, and for financial planning."
  7. The quality of leadership and management. "Strong new leadership and good management show a clear overview of the school’s priorities in caring for and supporting pupils so that the aims of the school can be realised. There is a sense of common purpose in knowing and supporting all pupils to achieve fully their academic and personal development."
  8. The quality of link with parents, carers and guardians: Excellent. "The parents’ responses to questionnaires show a high level of satisfaction with the education provided by the school. Many consider their children fortunate to attend it. They praise all aspects of the school’s educational and pastoral provision, particularly endorsing the help their children receive from teachers, the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, the attention given to pastoral care, and the attitudes and views promoted by the school. Inspectors concur with these views. Some parents whose children receive learning support are particularly pleased with the contact they have with teachers."
  9. Effectiveness of Early Years Foundation Stage: Excellent. "This outstanding setting fulfils its aim of providing a caring learning environment that
    incorporates a Catholic ethos as well as embracing and respecting other cultures and religious beliefs. It is highly effective in meeting the needs of the children and additional support is provided when required. Outcomes are outstanding. Excellent teaching by class teachers in a nurturing environment ensures that all children achieve high standards in their learning and development. The recent self-evaluation reveals a clear vision for future developments and the capacity for sustained improvement."