Staff Contact List

Good communication between staff and parents is essential. Please find staff email addresses listed below:

For Reception and all general enquiries phone 01793 750273 or email

Headmaster:  Mr M Pearce

Deputy Head: Mr V Jelley

Assistant Bursar: Miss L Bayliss

Head of Learning: Mrs S Trim

Head of Juniors: Mrs S Paddock

Head of Pre-Prep: Mrs K Mackenzie

Registrar and Head’s PA: Mrs P Kelly

Fees Clerk: Mrs A Rabbitts

Head of Art: Mrs N Brookes

Head of Assessments: Mrs P Heywood

Head of English: Mrs S Trim

Head of Boys Games: Mr J Barton

Head of Girls Games: Miss E Bird

Head of Humanities: Mrs R Fairbanks

Head of IT: Mrs S Paddock

Head of Maths: Mr M Collins

Head of MFL: Mme C Deshayes

Head of Music: Mrs D Matthews

Head of Physical Education: Mr T Davies

Head of PSHCE: Mr I Barker

Head of Religious Education: Mr J O’Reilly

Head of Science: Mrs P Heywood

Learning Support: Mrs T Larkins

Year 5: Mr I Barker

Year 5: Mrs S Paddock

Year 4: Mrs E Couling

Year 4: Ms M Laing

Year 3: Mrs F Bunn

Year 3: Miss C Chadwick

Year 3: Mrs R Wisden

Year 2: Mrs K Mackenzie

Year 1: Mrs K Milne

Reception: Mrs N Pearce

Reception: Miss E Campbell

Nursery: Mrs E Griffiths

Pupils are highly enthusiastic about their school and teachers and feel that they are treated as individuals within a friendly, supportive atmosphere, where they are safe and happy.

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