Early Years Inspection

Prior Park inspection results are excellent. During their visit, the inspectors examined the eight broad areas of school life as well as reviewing the Early Years department (Nursery & Reception).

The Effectiveness of the Early Years Foundation Stage

The overall effectiveness of the early years provision is outstanding: This outstanding setting fulfils its aim of providing a caring learning environment that incorporates a Catholic ethos as well as embracing and respecting other cultures and religious beliefs. It is highly effective in meeting the needs of the children and additional support is provided when required. Outcomes are outstanding. Excellent teaching by class teachers in a nurturing environment ensures that all children achieve high standards in their learning and development. The recent self evaluation reveals a clear vision for future developments and the capacity for sustained improvement.

The quality of the pupils personal development is excellent: They are happy, motivated and purposeful in line with the school’s aims. From the EYFS upwards pupils grow in confidence and emotional intelligence; they care for others and take pride in both their own and others’ achievements.

The quality of the pupils’ moral development is excellent, from the EYFS upwards: They know right from wrong and understand the need for high standards of behaviour. New pupils quickly assimilate the values of the school. The pupils’ observation of simple rules based on respect and care for others, underpins their good but natural behaviour throughout the school. They realise that the happiness of others relies on their good manners.

The quality of the links with parents, carers and guardians is excellent: The school’s links with parents, carers and guardians are excellent and fully support its aims to involve parents in their children’s spiritual and academic development. The parents’ responses to questionnaires show a high level of satisfaction with the education provided by the school. Many consider their children fortunate to attend it. Inspectors concur with these views.

Outcomes for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are outstanding: Achievement and progress are outstanding. By the end of the Reception year most children achieve high standards in all six areas of learning and the most able exceed the expectations of the Early Learning Goals. Children are articulate, listen attentively and respond enthusiastically to the teachers’ questions. In Reception they can recognise and read rhyming words confidently and they understand the real value of numbers to twenty. Children know how to stay safe as was demonstrated when the Nursery class walked to the sports hall. They are beginning to develop independence in dressing and wash their hands regularly throughout the day. Children are aware of the need to make healthy choices about what to eat and drink.

The quality of the provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage is outstanding: Children benefit enormously from the shared facilities with the main school. The classrooms are stimulating and reflect the children’s interests and the outside learning environment provides excellent opportunities for creative and physical development. The timetable provides a good balance and coverage of the Early Learning Goals. Teachers manage the children’s behaviour sensitively, rewarding good work and behaviour with stickers, team points and certificates, whilst providing a warm and secure emotional environment where children are happy and confident. Teachers motivate children with well-chosen activities. Planning is detailed and takes account of the needs of the individual child providing challenge for the most able.

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