Educational visit

Year 8 Visit Pitt Rivers

Our Year 8 pupils travelled to Oxford to see this eclectic collection of artefacts and curious finds from around the world. In one large space there was a feast for the eyes with over 400,000 items to see. Pupils could open numerous draws and find surprising objects from African tribal masks to voodoo dolls! Many of our overseas pupils were able to recognise objects from their countries heritage and share their knowledge with their peers which was very interesting.

We had a talk from a curator on masks from around the world and they had the opportunity to handle a wide variety of masks from ancient and modern times. The use of a sketchbook was paramount to the day and our Year 8s developed direct-observational sketchbook work based on masks that interested them. This work will form the starting point to a new class project in the Art department. The pupils focused well in the museum and were complimented upon by visitors for their studious and respectful work-ethic.