Year 5 visit The Royal Engineers Museum

A wet day did not spoil Year 5’s fantastic trip to the Royal Engineers Museum, Lyneham.

The children were set a Lego Engineering challenge by the excellent education officer, Oliver Parr to construct a “Wheelbarrow to remove a “bomb” form a village.  They were all very successful with one team winning by a few points because of their imaginative extra model features.

The children’s persistence and team work were wonderful.

They thoroughly enjoyed a chance to look around the hand on exhibits in the Museum after lunch and had a great time!

Mrs Paddock, STEM Project Leader said   “The children all learnt a lot and it was a really hands on way to learn about STEM subjects”

I learnt that most cars are driven by power to only two of the wheels, Thank you Mr Parr

I had a really good time and I would love to go again

I loved pretending to be a soldier in a tank and having a 'battle'