What the Dickens!? A dramatic World Book Day

Our Prep Department celebrated the 20th year of World Book Day in style this week.

The focus has been Charles Dickens, to tie in with our school play this term, ‘Oliver’.  Each year group studied a different book:

  • Years 3 and 4 ‘A Christmas Carol’
  • Year 5 ‘David Copperfield’
  • Year 6 ‘Oliver Twist’
  • Years 7 and 8 ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ and ‘Great Expectations’

On World Book Day, all the children came to school dressed as Victorians and looked fantastic. Prizes were given for the best and most creative costumes-including the staff!

In the afternoon, we put on our Dickens’ Event; all the pupils ‘performed’ an aspect of their book to an audience of the whole school.  This involved some excellent drama, a look at Dickens’ language, some readings about his life and Victorian Times– a wide and interesting variety, which the children found stimulating and really entertaining.