Welcome back to Pre-Prep

It was lovely to see so many happy, smiling faces at the start of a new school year. All the children were very excited to see their new classrooms and teachers. 

Year 2 had fun finding the secret fireplace and shutters in their room during a Treasure Hunt on the first day. Year 1 have been inspired to paint, after seeing a colourful vase of golden sunflowers in their classroom. Woodland animals abound in Reception and the children were fascinated to find the animals reading books! 

Reception pupils have also been inspired to paint story characters from ‘If all the world were…’ their classroom story book. In the sunny Pre School classroom the children had fun exploring their new domain and enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs and sand. 

Our youngest children, in the Nursery class, have been investigating their environment and playing happily in the Conservatory. The older children have helped with the ‘family feel’ of our school and looked after these younger pupils with great care during play times.