Year 4 get curious!

On Friday, Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to We The Curious in Bristol, where they participated in an engaging and exciting Body and Brain theme day. The children had various workshops throughout the day and were delighted to have time exploring the various exhibits independently before leaving. 

During the How My Body Works Show, the children got to dress up as neurons, visualise the area that the lungs could cover if they were spread out and attempted to pump blood as quickly as a heart! After that, they had a Body workshop where they used a proscope; microscopeto look at body parts in microscopic detail and they were horrified to see how hairy they were! 

Finally the children had a Brain workshop where they were able to compare the brains of different animals (size, texture, volume and shape). It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for everyone and I was particularly proud when Katie our Leader informed me that our year 4s were the best behaved that she had seen and the only group who had ever answered every question correctly! Well done Year 4.