Turning back the clock and visiting STEAM

Year 2 children have been learning about Evacuees in World War II. Following their fun week of making an air raid shelter in the classroom they had the opportunity to turn back the clock and visit the STEAM Museum as evacuees.

Dressed as 1939 school children, complete with gas mask cases and ID’s the class enjoyed an air raid practice in a replica shelter. The children were brave and enjoyed using the artefacts from war time and being in the blacked out shelter listening to the bombing outside.

As evacuees they experienced what it would have felt like to leave their parents to stay in the countryside. Looking at the contents of the evacuee’s suitcases was a revelation too, from the knitted underwear to the single soft toy. No iPads, games consoles or plastic toys.

This was an exciting experience for all children which enriched their understanding and learning and left them suitably exhausted but thankful.