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Prior Park Prep students put on a wonderful, enchanting performance of Peter Pan this week, capturing the essence of childhood, whilst presenting a festival of colour and surprises for the audience!

The performance, put on by the junior school children, was an array of colour from start to finish as children, fairies, crocodiles, pirates, Indians, fish and mermaids made their entrances flitting, flying, fleeing and fighting their way on and off the stage. The props, fish, light-up planets, stars and tie dyed, fairy wings were all created by the children.

All the performances were excellent, particularly considering the children were aged 7-10 years. There was lovely singing from the children throughout and lines were remembered and delivered with great expression. 

The darkness of Hook was played brilliantly by Maddison, who clearly relished the role. Fayth, playing Tinker Bell, captured Tink’s girly fairy side whilst able to also play her mischief too, pulling Wendy’s hair as Wendy tried to give Peter a ‘thimble’. The good work carried on behind the scenes. with great teamwork by the Year 4 stage hands, James and Yuva. 

Pre-Prep children in the audience were immersed in the performance, erupting into fits of giggles with hands over mouths when they realised that, the Lost Boys were in trouble for killing the Wendy Bird. They also responded with cries of 'aahhh', when Nana, played by Polly the dog, entered the stage.

The audience gave much well deserved, rapturous applause as the cast took their final bows.

Hook 798
The Darling Children Jpg 798

I would like to be Peter Pan, because he can do anything.

Matthew in Year 5
Peter Pan 798

I would like to be able to fly like Tinker Bell

Fayth, in Year 5

We like Tinker Bell, she has wings and makes a sound, She has bells on her fingers and glitter on her arms.

Amelie & Sirina, Reception Class
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Nanna 798

Peter Pan is a confirmed favourite with Prior Park Prep. Of course, it's a great story and our pupils have just brought it to the stage in this wonderful production, but there's another reason. We are partnering with the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon to sponsor this year's pantomime, Peter Pan. The show takes place throughout December and we're really looking forward to it.