Educational visit

Theatre Thursday

The award-winning Catholic Christian Company that works in schools throughout the UK spent a day bringing fantastic drama to school for pupils in Years 1 - 6. In the great tradition of acting, two talented individuals produced a whole host of diverse characters, with stories made relevant to each age group.

Mrs Paddock particularly enjoyed the topical tale of the World War II evacuation with one Year 5 pupil saying: "I forgot they were acting it was so good."

Mrs Griffith's, our Year 1 teacher said: "Our Year 1 & 2 pupils really enjoyed their performance which was based upon 'rules', where the lesson learnt was 'some rules help me, Some rules help others, And some rules help me to help others'. It was great for the children to experience the fun of a live performance in the school hall whilst still learning about life values."

In the morning, Ten Ten also gave a session to parents to give them a taste of what their children would be seeing throughout the day.