The Year 3 legionaries storm Chedworth

Year 3 were spirited back in time during their day at Chedworth Roman Villa. 

The children had chosen their own Roman names for the day, including Falco, Hortensius and Natalia, and these were displayed on Bullas worn around their necks (we were told they were the most impressive Bullas ever seen at Chedworth). To start the day we we given a very informative tour of the site, including the not so pleasant details of a Roman latrine and their extravagant bathing habits. Next we became slaves and learnt the art of medicine making by creating a sleeping scent using a pistilium and mortaria to grind coriander seeds, lavender, cumin and bay. Once again we delved into the more sordid side of Roman life and investigated a number of medical tools - not for the faint hearted! After a-not-so Roman lunch, we ended our day examining original Roman artefacts and learning about the fascinating finds at Chedworth.