The Slopes of Alpe d'Huez

In the final week of the Christmas holidays, 26 pupils from Years 6 - 8 jetted off for a ski trip in Alpe d'Huez, France.

With a lack of snow in the run up to the trip, there was no need to worry as on arrival staff and pupils were greeted with the perfect weather and a fresh layer of snow. The novice skiers enjoyed fun on the slopes and made great, quick progress, leaving the nursery slopes behind them and enjoying the incredible views on the main slopes. The more advanced skiers meanwhile, moved up the glacier to ski the longest black run in Europe.

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We had so much fun! Every day we went skiing twice and in the evenings we had a fun activity planned; we went bum boarding, had a quiz, played bingo in French, completed a town trail and had crêpes at a local crêperie. Although skiing was tiring at times we all tried our hardest to listen to our instructors and improve. Fresh snow had fallen when we arrived and as we stepped outside for our first skiing lesson the sun was shining. We had a really great week of skiing full of fun and laughter.

M Maysey, Year 6