The halls are alive with the sound of music!

In MFL this week, pupils have been dressing up and taking part in role-plays and short presentations. Mr Gwilliam encourages dressing up in silly costumes as it allows pupils to relax more and be less nervous about speaking in front of the rest of the class. The pupils have enjoyed this exciting style of learning and it has really worked! Year 6 and 7 have been playing conversational games to help them learn useful phrases to order food and drink in a Spanish café. As a result, there has been some tremendous work this week and the pupils are now better-equipped to order food and drink in a Spanish café or restaurant – so no excuses if you’re taking your child to a Spanish-speaking country this year!  The halls of Thames House have been filled with the sound of music coming from the MFL classroom as the children have made up a song to help them to learn how to order food and drink!