Immersive science

As part of an annual opportunity students at Prior Park Prep School, near Swindon were able to experience and explore science in a very different way, when the Explorer Dome visited the school in March 2017.

The Explorer Dome, provided by a Bristol Company, is a portable planetarium providing a completely dark enclosed space which enables the demonstration of science experiments in an immersive way, which are not be possible in a standard classroom.

Years 2-5 enjoyed a visit from the Dome at Prior Park Prep School, in March. Subjects covered included Sound, Light, Space and Forces.  The subject areas were structured to suit the different ages of the students and were all delivered by two presenters at an engaging pace in a fun filled way.

The students attending had the chance to explore how sound travels through solids, liquids and gasses. To experience how light can be separated into different colours. To learn about how forces work on the Earth and on the Moon. To understand more about our planet, moon and sun and what myths are told about them.

It’s a really engaging and immersive way for the children to learn about science. The Explorer Dome means that there aren’t any distractions for the children. Though we have excellent facilities and specialist science teachers, the dome’s equipment allows us to support the children in learning about the areas of Science that are difficult in the classroom and pupils are really engaged by the fast paced, lively delivery.

Head of Science and Assessment, Mrs Heywood