Educational visit

Stowe String Day

Prior Park Prep string players enjoyed a taste of life in an orchestra at the Stowe School Prep School String day on Thursday.

The pupils were stretched and challenged whilst tackling classics such as Handel's 'Firework Suite' and Pachelbel's 'Canon' and learnt much about bowing technique and following a conductor from the course leader Chris Windass - Head of Strings at Stowe and leader for the Adderbury Ensemble.

There were Star Wars themes and Over the Rainbow to enjoy too - as well as a visit to the tuck-shop in the afternoon!

The seven pupils were wonderful ambassadors for the school and held their own, enjoying the experience of playing in a large group of fellow 'scrapers'. After a long and tiring day for everyone Mrs Matthew's was proud of how Prior pupils managed to pull out all the stops for the final concert and everyone left inspired and better players as a result of their effort in the String Orchestra.