Educational visit

STEM Visit at Wycliffe

On Monday, the six current STEM leaders went to Wycliffe College for a workshop on mobile technologies. The children were greeted by a number of groups of tables which each had some tablet computers and instructions. Tasks included a crime scene investigation using QR codes, filming the teamwork needed to build a bridge from Lego, programming a robot to fulfil challenges on the screen and forming a mathematical sequence for a Turtle to draw on the screen. There was also a challenge for pupils to use their knowledge of the water cycle to create some ‘cyber’ rain!

Amelia, Olivia, Oliver, Coleman, Ethan and Heath took on every challenge with enthusiasm and thought out each process very carefully. There was success as Coleman completed the most stages of programming the robot and subsequently won a little toy bull!

Mr Collins and the STEM leaders enjoyed the afternoon immensely and will be looking forward to the next STEM experience.