Educational visit

STEM Visit

This week, the 13 Senior STEM pupils were fortunate to be invited to visit Dr Zioupous at the Cranfield Defence Academy in Shrivenham.

After we were greeted and given a run-down of our day the children were introduced to an actual skeletal remain of a medieval person. They saw the evidence that can be gained of what type of human this was and how they died, right down to the sword wound in the skull! Then, with a completed skeleton to work from they had to 'build' a skeleton from a box of plastic bones presented to them. The children worked well as a team to create these in good time.

Pupils were then shown around the tank and artillery museum before being introduced to the tank simulator. Working in pairs the task was to compete in a battle against the enemy. This was fun but not that easy; but a good way to practise driving without damaging a £30 million tank!

The children really enjoyed their day and the excellent activities. Our thanks go to Dr Zioupous and his team.