STEM Skills put to the test at Lego League

Last week Senior Lego Club put their building and programming skills with Lego EV3 to the test when they travelled to First Lego League Tournament at HP headquarters in Bristol.  Our team “ Evolve” competed against teams from 19 other schools in the South West.  This is an international competition designed to encourage children to think like scientists and engineers.  We were delighted to meet up with our sister school’s team “Heywood Hydros”

The challenge came in two parts.  The first part of the challenge was to design and present a solution to a problem in the Water Cycle on the theme of this year’s competition – Hydrodynamics.  Our team presented their invention; a floating, robotic microplastics filter, confidently and articulately.  They fielded tough questions from the judges with great initiative.  The most exciting and second part of the challenge was to pit the robot they had designed and programmed against the clock to accomplish a set of tasks in three nail biting rounds.  It was tense, tricky and demanded on the spot decisions under pressure.  The focus was on the children, no adult input allowed!  After the first round several of the teams ourselves had failed to score any points due to the precise nature of the tasks.  After a break and some high intensity re-programming and strategic planning by the team, we were delighted to achieve a score in our final round and finish on a respectable 15th place out of 20 schools.  

After a very lively final with a parade of balloon creations everyone had enjoyed the day. 

Mrs Paddock, Head of IT said, “I am tremendously proud of the children’s hard work, focus and determination.  Although we didn’t make it to the semi-finals in this, our novice year, we had a great day and learnt a lot.  I can’t wait to see how the children get on next year with the experience gained.”

“It was really exciting!”

Year 6 pupil