Spectacular Science Day has our children tackling plastic in our oceans

'The state of our Oceans has always been very important to me and after watching Blue Planet II it became very evident that raising the profile amongst our young people was probably the only way to reverse the situation we were in.' So says our outstanding Head of Science, Palak Heywood. 

So the seeds of Science Day were sown. Every child from Nursery to Year 8 was involved in the special curriculum day. Five aspirational young ladies from Badminton School came and confidently spoke to our children about liquid Nitrogen and treated them to ice cream made with it. Each year group had a different activity to focus on, for example, making glitter fish that can camouflage, designing tea towels to help you choose sustainable fish, making model coral reefs and a role play activity.  Each child in the school also contributed to the beautiful art installation created in the foyer, to highlight our Plastic Ocean.  The project was made from recycled plastic bottles, scraps and old nail polish.  

We were also fortunate to have Sarah-Jane from the Royal Institute who came and presented a show on Explosive Food to the children. Sarah-Jane then presented her Inspiring Science show to our community. 

The children had a wonderful day and hopefully have become inspired to make a positive change in their lives to help protect our waters.   

In their own words:

"Today, was an amazing day because we learnt a lot and did a lot."

"The people who came in today, inspired me to make changes in the way my family uses plastic."

 "My change would be not throwing plastic away"

"Today was a very fun day"

"I had the most amazing day and am completely inspired"