Ready, steady, go at the Pre-Prep Sports Day

Pre-Prep children had fun and showcased their athletics skills at their annual sports day on Friday.

The children, aged 3-7 years, have been learning athletics skills in PE, whilst focusing on team work this term. Sports day gave them a chance to both demonstrate their physical prowess and to compete for their house to gain points. The special sports day commenced with its very own Olympic opening ceremony. The children entered waving their silk house flags, to the sound of Chariots of Fire, before all were upstanding for the National Anthem.

A great fun selection of races were on offer. These included the traditional sack race, the ‘teddy bear' race, ‘bean bag on racket’, ‘hoop overhead’ and the ‘dressing up' race’' for parents. For especially brave mums, there was also a scooter relay race! The mums competitive side came to the fore! For  braver dads there was a very special obstacle race, which involved rubber gloves, oversize sunglasses and a hockey stick to dribble a ball around cones. Age presented no barrier, as little Joshua competed in the sprint race with Mum, at just a few weeks old!

At the end of the afternoon, Burton house emerged victorious and celebrated with a victory round of the Pre-Prep track.

It was a really successful sports day where the children worked really well in their teams supporting each other and the parents entered into the spirit of the day.

Mrs Mackenzie, Head of Pre-Prep