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Proving 'PoPP'ular

Following a recent competition run by Mrs Brookes and Parents of Prior Prep (PoPP) to create a design for some new mugs, the finished product has now been revealed - and greatfully welcomed by tea and coffee lovers throughout the parent body!

Mrs Brookes ran the competition throughout the school at the end of last year. A panel of judges assessed the artwork and whittled the designs down to a top three selection which was then reduced to a single winning design; by T Slade in Year 5 (Year 4 at time of design).

T Slade was delighted that his artwork had been chosen to decorate the mugs - which will be used at match teas, PoPP coffee mornings and other suitable events - and he was presented with his own one to keep in a whole school assembly.

Parents will also have their chance to get their hands on a mug as they are up for sale in the school shop for £5 each.

We are thrilled with the mug and have had only positive comments from parents using them at match teas and PoPP coffee mornings, where the design has been much admired

Mrs McConnel, PoPP