A fond farewell to our witty, well-loved Deputy Headmaster, Mr Jelley

On Saturday, we held a very special event to mark the retirement of the school’s witty, well-loved, warm-hearted Deputy Headmaster, Mr Vaughan Jelley.

Mr Jelley, who has served 34 years at Prior Park Prep School in Cricklade, leaves for retirement in Devon, after decades of dedication to the school. Mr Jelley has not only taught and worked as the school’s Deputy Head, but has also, to name a few of his contributions, captained the cricket team, spent most of the 80’s taking the rugby sevens on tour, produced school plays for ten years, taken hundreds of children on hundreds of hikes and organised the school elections.

Tributes have come in from pupils, alumni, past parents and colleagues.

He’s given so much to the school it’s been his life’s work, through thick and thin.

Mrs Trim, Head of Learning, Head of English

For many years Vaughan has been the absolute rock of the school. He’s always been here. As a parent and colleague, I’ve felt hugely privileged to have had him as our Deputy Head.

Mrs Kelly, Headmaster's PA and Registrar

To mark both his service and the high esteem held for him, a celebratory barn dance, hog roast and presentation event was held at the school on Saturday. 

The presentations started with an amusing display of photographs put together by Sister Clover, Mrs Paddock and Mr Barker. These included snapshots of his career that he would be proud of, as well as a few gems from fancy dress events and the late 80s he may have been less keen for all to see! Former Head, Mr Roger Stroud, returned to the school and gave a warm and affectionate speech. 

Everyone seems to remember Vaughan as a kind hearted man....He is steadfast....When they made this particular Jelley they broke the mould!

Former Head, Mr Roger Stroud

Mr Hainesworth, former Junior Master, gave an equally fond farewell via video, telling tales of past antics. He noted how many children observed the two of them having fun doing their job together. 

He has always been an unflappable support to his fellow teachers.

​Mr Hainesworth, former Junior Master

Pupils and teachers performed a special song, written specially for the event, celebrating Mr Jelley’s new found freedom away from the trials and tribulations of school life. A stunning cake made by one of our parents, Mrs Karin Claassen. Impressively, it showcased different areas of Mr Jelley’s service on each tier. The cake was shared between the throng of past and present pupils, parents and colleagues - and we all raised a glass him. He was presented with his gift, a bronze owl sculpture, a fitting reflection of his years of guidance and advice to young and old. Mr Jelley responded to all the well-wishers giving his thanks to everyone and to his ever supportive wife Ann.

Now, Mr Jelley is looking to the next adventure in his life, with a tour of Australia, before a move to East Devon with his wife Ann. He will be very much missed by all at Prior Park Prep School.

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