Prior Park Prep Girls Can at Athletics

Prior Park Prep School near Swindon achieved ten first places in track and field, smashing records for javelin, 200m, 4x100m and vortex with its team of 36 athletes on Saturday, at the Annual Severnside Regional Athletics Meet at Beaudesert Park School.

Showing once again that Prior Park Prep girls can, the girls' team shone out on the track and in field. Georgia and Darcy were outstanding in the U11 Girls' competition, picking up three first places and two second places between them. Hannah smashed the javelin record by over 11 metres, Tyla broke the 200 metre record before Mia, Laila, Hannah and Tyla then broke the 4 x 100 metre record. Alana picked up a first place in the U10 girls' vortex and the U12 girls achieved an almost clean sweep, with a total of five first places (including three new records), a second and a third place.

Prior Park Prep School boys then continued this high standard of performance. On the track Alexander and Jordan performed well in their first competition for the school and Alexander competing up a year, won the 75 metres. Bernardo finished a commendable second in the U14 boys 200m. Lamar also achieved the same in the 800m. In vortex, Ibtisam performed well, breaking the vortex record, only to be beaten by the final throw of the competition. Cavan also entered the U12 vortex and finished with a victory. Rohan competed well all day and achieved a personal best in the long jump to finish a respectable third.  In the senior boys, Finn achieved third place in the U12 long jump.

Both the Coaches and Athletics team members are now looking forward to their next opportunity to compete at the National Athletics Championships later this year.