Den Day: Building a better world

Pre-Prep Children at Prior Park Prep School near Swindon, have been helping to build a better world, as part of a Save the Children initiative, Den Day.

The special den building day was created by Save the Children to encourage people to have fun, get creative and learn about the importance of shelter for children across the world, whilst they build their own. 

Prior Park pupils, aged four to seven, started their day with an assembly focused on Save The Children. This introduced the idea that not everyone is lucky enough to have a nice home to live in, due to war, poverty and disaster. Much to the teachers' surprise, one of the younger children responded by highlighting those affected this week in West London, saying that they needed a home too.

The children went outside to build their dens. Whilst the sun was welcome, the little ones battled valiantly against strong winds. They had to rethink and reconstruct their shelters, but they never relented. Instead they innovated, using pegs to secure their structures.

This fun-filled afternoon brought learning opportunities. Building their shelters allowed the children to use, test and develop skills such as communication, team working and construction. Once the structures were complete, the children also enjoyed imaginative playtime in their new homes.

To raise funds to help people around the world, the children then baked some cookies, which they will sell to parents and friends at the school for £1 per bag. Some children have already brought in their own pocket money to buy biscuits. Funds raised will be used by Save the Children to give more children around the world the things they need to grow up happy and healthy.

The staff would like to thank all the parents for their support in providing resources, such as blankets and cardboard. Parents can buy their biscuits from Pre-Prep, for £1 per bag.

Update: A total of £80 was raised! As a guide £66 pays for 10 tarpaulin for shelters.

We built these dens for other people, because they don't have a home.

Pre-Prep pupil

We had a really successful day. The parents were a great support in bringing in materials and the children not only built some lovely dens, but also demonstrated great team work and resilience.

Mrs Mackenzie, Head of Pre-Prep

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