Prior Park Prep Nursery buzzing with all the joys of spring

Our youngest pupils were buzzing with all the joys of spring this week as they presented their very special assembly about all the things that make it special. The assembly began with the children sharing their learning on the different types of baby animals that can be seen around the Wiltshire countryside at this time of year; from lambs to chicks and calves, before showing the lovely textured collages of animals that they had made.

Having looked at how plants grow from seeds, the children showed their pictures of spring plants and explained about how these grew from little shoots to lovely flowers and why the bees were so very important in pollinating each of them.

Performing a lovely story, the children, dressed in character costumes, told the tale of little creatures being chased by medium-sized animals, who were being pursued by larger ones and in turn being chased by a hunter. They explained that in fact the hunter himself was trying to escape the creature chasing him - a little misunderstood bumble bee. It was a lovely lesson to demonstrate how one of our smallest but most important creatures is not understood or valued the way it should be.

The three and four year olds rounded off their performance with some lovely songs and actions before snack time. As a tribute to bees, the children shared the honeycomb cakes they had made with their special visitors.