Prior Park Prep fencers win in Wales

Prior Park Prep Fencers Ed and Charlie have won the Leon Paul Junior Series in Wales last weekend, following their win at the Independent Association of Prep Schools National Fencing Championships earlier this month.

The Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS) offers a mainstream introduction to competitive fencing for UK youngsters and provided the opportunity for 16 U17 boys and girls to compete in the disciplines of foil, sabre and epée, at the Welsh Institute for Sport in Cardiff; a national series of competitors that Ed and Charlie regularly attend. 

Competing in the U13 boys foil and epee, Charlie and Ed entered the LPJS competition seeded first and second respectively after the poule rounds. The pair then fought their way through their rounds, only to meet each other again in the final. Evenly matched, Ed and Charlie were neck and neck after two periods in the final, with scores of 5-5. At just ten seconds to go the score remained very tight at 7-7. In the third period Ed finally clinched it, making the vital hit to go in front, scoring a final total of 92 in the foil and 122 in the epee and taking the gold for both.

Delighted, the pair received their gold and silver medals at a presentation in the arena on the day. Ed and Charlie are now first and second respectively in both LPJS epee and foil series rankings for U13.

It was brilliant to win, especially given all the work we put in. I’m sorry I had to knock Charlie out, but he didn't make it easy for me.

Fencing team captain Ed, a Year 8 pupil

I really enjoyed the competition and came so close. I’m sad Ed knocked me out but I'm pleased he won. I'm happy to have won silver and can't wait for next year.

Charlie, Year 7 pupil

I'm incredibly proud of Ed and Charlie achieving these medals, they should be very proud of themselves for not only the win, but the work that they have put in and how they have conducted themselves as true sportsmen, supporting each other at the same time as competing.

Prior Park Prep Fencing Coach, Neil Bromley
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