Prior Park Prep children delight at special visit from Wiltshire Police

Year 2 children from Prior Park Prep were delighted to receive a very special visit from PCSO Mandi Coles, who arrived complete with panda car, hats and helmets.

The visit, which was all part of Wiltshire Police’s Youth Engagement work, was aimed at teaching the children who to call in an emergency and which number to dial. In class, PCSOI Mandi Coles told the children everything they needed to know and the excited children listened intently.

Then, when PCSO Mandi Coles opened a bag full of police officers hats, helmets and riot gear, the children’s’ faces lit up with wonder.  Proudly sporting the hats, the children couldn’t wait to have their picture as a police officer!

The Wonder Of A Police Mans Hat 798

When the police car arrived, the children jumped with excitement, as PCSO Mandi Coles put on the blues and twos! She took time to explain why it was important not only to have sirens that make a noise, but to make different noises, so that people would hear the sounds over traffic and loud music in their cars. She told the children that they may see undercover Police cars that don't have ‘Police’ written on them, but do have flashing lights.

Clambering inside the car, the excited little ones got the chance to see what it was like inside. Competition was of course fierce to sit in the driving seat and pretend to race after the robbers! It all got the children’s minds whirring about how things worked.

Where do people go in the car if they are robbers?

Year 2 child

As a school we want to make sure that we help children cope with an unexpected emergency situation. If they know what they need to do and that there is someone who will come and help they may not feel so scared and may be of great help. The children really enjoyed the visit, car and hats, so perhaps we’ll have a few future Police officers from our school!

Lower Prep Teacher, Mrs Bunn

I want to be a police lady when I grow up.

Year 2 pupil

If people need help you do 999.

Year 2 pupil
Year 2 Police Visit Swindon Adver