Prior Park Fencing Duo ‘Advance’ in Poland

At a three day international two students from Prior Park Prep School, near Swindon placed well in a field of 209 competitors from 150 countries, both achieving incredible results.

The competition which saw 600 fencers per day compete in 200 events an annual elite competition, ‘Challenge Wratislava’ which is hosted in Wroclaw, Poland.  There, children of all ages compete in the disciplines of foil, epee and sabre, over three days. The target foil is the chest, epee is the whole body and sabre is the top half of the body only.

Prior Park Pupil Ed succeeded in placing in the top 10 for épée, within a field of 209 competitors, losing only by one hit in the last 16.

Charlie also from Prior Park Prep School battled well in épée and came up against a fellow Brit in the last 64, losing 7-5 to finish 44th.

In foils Ed achieved a position of 36th despite a bout of ill health with Charlie Robbins finishing in a respectable 121st place of 260. This was a particularly strong performance given that Charlie drew the 3rd seed and was one point behind with 15 seconds remaining.

Swindon Fencing Coach Neil Bromley said:

 ‘Charlie was outstanding he truly went out on his shield!’

The pair have previously represented England in the U13 age category for foil and epee, and Swindon Fencing Coach Neil Bromley hopes to see more young people from Prior Park ‘Advance’ to international competition saying:

‘We have Prior Park Prep School fencers who could hold their own out there and I would love to see some out there in future if possible’.

Swindon Fencing Coach Neil Bromley