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Prior Award Photography Competition

This term, Year 5 and 6 'Prior Award' pupils have spent three sessions learning about digital photography with Mrs Paddock, focusing on how to use the camera and editing tools on their iPads.

Staff were very impressed with the quality of entries and skills learnt and Mrs Brookes, Head of Art, had the tough task of judging the entries, with winners and her comments below:

Things: T Cuppage
The texture and contrasting colours are very well portrayed with detail. Beautiful things can be seen in the old, eroded and unwanted. This pupil has tapped into this theme and their manipulation of the colours in a subtle way has enhanced the eroding features. I am still trying to work out where this is in our school! Well done!

People Stories: Z Griffiths
A number of very thought-provoking images which could spark of the inspiration for a great discussion, poem or written story. The girl’s expression and directness at the camera lens lead me to think about who she is and what she may be thinking. The over-exposed black and white also helped the viewer to focus on her face.

Landscape: J Wickham 
Another black and white image with plenty of shape, line and tones that draw you in. The atmosphere this image creates is really very good indeed, another thought provoking piece. This pupil has a great eye for the pictorial space and I look forward to seeing future photography from them.

Overall Winner (Landscape): B McLean  
It was very tricky to select just one, but the excellent viewpoint at ground level and the superb depth and perspective lines that the road created was really very good. It's amazing how a simple road can be seen in a different and interesting way. Well done.

Well done, to all involved.

To view all competition entries, please click the links below: