End of Year Assembly

Pre-Prep children from Prior Park Prep School held a very special assembly today to mark the end of term and make some very special announcements.

Opening with a very professional vocal warm up, the children, all aged between 4-7 years old, moved onto a set of lovely musical performances. They sang beautifully together, each one remembering the song words and actions. Oliver, Alfred, Giula, Emily, Tereza, Maddison and Andrew, played individual piano pieces in front of the large audience, such as 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' and 'Row Row Row your Boat'. (We were all impressed with Andrew's two-handed piano playing). Oscar, George and Alex played pieces on the drums, with Alex performing a great solo to pop music, using the drums and symbols. Three small groups of children played 'Bobby Shafto' on the ocarinas; an instrument offered to all children at Prior Park in order to introduce them to music. Year 2s played the bongo drums for us. This was impressive as Director of Music, Debbie Mathew,s told everyone that she changed the rhythms played each time, so the children didn't know what they would be playing before hand.

All the performances were very special, each ending with a lovely bow, but there were also some special announcements too. Clifford won the House Point competition and got their House Colour Ribbon tied around the school bear. Moving up gifts were given to the Year 2 children, who will start at the Prep School in the autumn and Archie proudly received the kindness trophy for the term, which is given to those who consistently think of others.

The children have all done so well and worked very hard. We want to thank all the parents for all the help they've given with coming in to read with the children and encouraging the children to practice their musical instruments. We want to wish the Year 2s all the best this autumn when they start Prep and I also want to thank the children who behaved and performed so beautifully today. Well done everyone!

Mrs Mackenzie, Head of Pre-Prep