Oliver! Please sir, can I have some more?

Friday and Saturday evening saw the School Hall packed to the rafters for two outstanding performances of Oliver! Having cast the production way back in November, the performances were the culmination of 4 months of hard work and enjoyment from every child in Years 6-8. 

Over 250 people provided a wonderful atmosphere, with plenty of our younger pupils in the audience, to gain inspiration and provide a glimpse of future talent! Outstanding performances from our lead actors were ably supported by the whole of Year 6, fulfilling the role of the Chorus, as well as a wonderful backstage team who coped with an immense number of props and costume changes. This project was by far the most ambitious ever undertaken here at the Prep School and, as a result, lead to two truly spectacular performances, of which everyone involved should be very proud.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide opportunities which explore every child's talents, this year the entire Upper Prep contributed to the performances through a wide range of activities in Art, Music & Drama lessons, as well as during our Senior Enrichment programme. These included the construction of giant, illuminated wickerwork food items, which lent a sparkling glow to 'Food Glorious Food', and the painting of three separate 15ft x 7ft backdrops to provide Fagin's attic, the Workhouse & a breath-taking London skyline. 

Alongside this, our ICT department supported the design of programmes and posters, while our Lighting, Sound & Technical design was also handled by the pupils themselves. This allowed every child to feel part of the production, whether or not they were lucky/brave enough to tread the boards! 

With so much enthusiasm and ability in our midst, Mr Barker and the Production Team are confident that future productions will raise the bar to even greater heights!

It was a wonderful production. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done everyone!

Mrs T