Year 5s favourite things

As the year came to a close and the summer holidays beckoned, Year 5 children from Prior Park Prep School reflected on the things they enjoyed the most during the school year. We would like to share a few of their memories and photos:

“I loved learning how to use the Bunsen Burner in science.”

- Cato

“I liked getting the salt out of the salty water.”

- Bethan

“I enjoyed completing our digital passports the most.”

- Adam

 “I enjoyed using the Bunsen burner with Mrs Wisden and melting the chocolate and then eating it.”

- Fayth

 “Enjoyed percentages because it’s fun and it’s very easy.”

- Aryan

“Learning a new way to change improper fractions to mixed fractions.”

- Hana

 “Stonehenge, which we drew a picture of.”

 - Katherine

“Anthropomorphism in film and literature.”

- Cavan

 “New techniques in art.”

- Teddy

“Learning to play the Pbone and Pbuzz.”

- Isabella

“Making props for Peter Pan in Art and Music.”

- Henry

 “Learning to hit through the ball in cricket.”

- Shinju

“How to play hockey, because it was a new sport for me.”

- Matty

“When to make a pass in Rugby.”

- James

Above all else at Prior Park Prep we strive to create an enthusiasm for learning in the children, so that they will be open to learning more and more about the world that they live in. This great positivity has been reflected in the wonderful work that the children have produced, the creative projects completed and in all their sporting achievements. Well done to you all!

Mr Barker, Year 5 Form Tutor