Mrs Mackenzie's First Week in Pre-Prep

Thankfully my first week at Prior Park Pre-Prep was blessed with wonderful late summer sunshine. The children skipped enthusiastically into school delighted to catch up with friends and find out about their new teachers and classes. Playtimes were filled with happy voices and lots of fun. Happy children are able to learn much more effectively, so I am delighted to be in a peaceful and contented atmosphere.

The journey to school is equally relaxed, compared to the ‘interesting’ and ‘horn honking’ daily journeys in China courtesy of Mr Wong. The green country lanes have been a delight of nature at its most bucolic, we have marvelled at the sunrises and sunsets and green hedgerows.

The first week was a time of trying to remember faces and names along with matching the correct children to their parents at ‘going home’ time. As the weeks roll on I am pleased to be able to now know the children’s first names and most surnames. Thank you parents, children and staff for your patience and warm welcome to this delightful school and county. I look forward to many more happy months and years getting to know everyone and taking the Pre-Prep forward with enthusiasm and care.

Mrs K Mackenzie