Mr Springer has sprung into Prior Park Prep

From Wednesday 22 March, 'Mr Springer', Prior Park Prep School’s five foot handsomely decorated March hare will be in situ at the entrance to the school forming part of the Cotswold Hare Trail 2017.

One of 85 hares in the festival that spans villages and towns across Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire, Mr Springer combines design ideas around the theme of Springtime submitted by Year 5 pupils in a competition set by Head of Art Mrs Nicky Brookes.

As part of the continued commitment to arts and digitally creative subjects Mrs Brookes collaborates with local artists and industry, frequently giving the children of Prior Park hands-on experience in specific skills areas. She attacked this project with the same approach commissioning local mother & son artists, Debbie and Dan Stirling, to bring the children’s ideas to life.

The final eclectic design comprising intricate blue ’feathering’ emblazoned with a sunflower-adorned mosaic waistcoat took cues from five of the pupils’ creations. Working with the children in pairs, Debbie – mosaic maker and teacher - used Friday afternoon art lessons to show pupils the art of mosaic,  overseeing the process from pattern to positioning the pieces.

The oversized hare-in-residence will be in situ until the end of the festival on Sunday 10 September 2017.

This has truly been a collaborative effort. Debbie and Dan have worked brilliantly with the children teaching them specialist skills and creative techniques. We are so proud of Mr Springer and our involvement with the Cotswold Hare Trail. We were involved before in the Cirencester March Hare Festival - it has been an inspiring project for everyone concerned to be involved with.

Mrs Brookes
Hare Preview

This is a truly exceptional example of art in the community and the educational benefits it brings.

Festival Director, Florence Beetlestone expressing her thanks to all those involved.
Hare Coverage 29 June Edited