Year 2 History

Making history, Year 2 children at Prior Park Prep School near Swindon, have been re-enacting the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth I, complete with Elizabethan costumes, sceptre and orb. 

The children aged six to seven years old were taking the opportunity to learn all about monarchs and how they may have lived in Tudor Times in comparison to how they live now. Starting by looking at the line of Tudors, the class have traced their way back through history, creating a hereditary line of crowns and looking carefully at a replica of the Great Seal of Elizabeth l. Once transported back to the Tudor era, the children found out more about Queen Elizabeth I, how her coronation was conducted and had the chance to re-enact it.

Exploring Elizabethan artifacts, the Year 2s also had the opportunity to develop greater understanding about everyday life in the Tudor Period and to consider what it have been like to wear Elizabethan leather shoes with slits in, what it was like to eat from a wooden trencher, how well could you see with just an oil lamp when there weren’t any electric lights and how people paid for things before credit cards and mobile phones. Unable to resist, the children enjoyed dressing up in the fashions of the day and enjoying life as Elizabethan Lords and Ladies.

Enthused by the subject, classroom questions and talk led to discussions on parliament, democracy, hereditary titles and succession, demonstrating their interest and engagement. Finally, the children took time to document what they had learnt in their time in the past, by preparing news articles as they would have appeared in 1558 for a special Coronation edition of the Elizabethan Times.

The Coronation was magnificent.  The clothes were as long as a metre…Everyone was bowing for the Queen.

Elizabethan Times by one of our Year 2 pupils

The children will now begin to investigate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and how she became Monarch, at her Coronation from 1952, before learning more about her family.

The children had lots of fun dressing up in Elizabethan clothes which they’ll no doubt remember, but this topic has also helped the children understand so much about our world and has given them a good overview of our rich and varied history.

Mrs Kate Mackenzie, Head of Nursery & Pre-Prep