Lunchtime concerts are good for musicians and audiences

Once a term Mrs Matthews organises two lunchtime concerts; one for junior performers and one for seniors. These are lovely events, open to parents, governors, staff and pupils, held in the School Hall.

The purpose is two-fold. On the one hand, our young pupils have the opportunity to practise their pieces in an informal setting in front of a safe and kind audience. This helps them prepare for their music examinations, gets them used to the public limelight and appreciate the role of their nerves in performance.

On the other hand, the audience enjoy a moment of relaxation during their busy day and our pupils learn how to listen, be supportive and appreciate the not just the music, but also the efforts and bravery of the young musicians.

We enjoy a wide range, from 2-fingered starter pianists to accomplished Grade 4 trumpeters, and all are applauded for their accomplishments.

Mrs Debbie Matthews, Head of Music