Judo in Pre-Prep

The Pre-Prep were treated to an exciting and impromptu Judo display this morning. The after school Judo Club pupils and their ‘Sensei’ Mr. Maidment, from Elite School Sports, showed us some of the Judo moves they had been learning.

Sensei told us some of the special Japanese words which are used in Judo and the Judo Club demonstrated moves on the floor, knees and standing. Sensei reminded everyone not to try these moves at home or anywhere else as he had the special padded floor which kept everyone safe! The Judo Club were able to invite some of their friends from the audience to take part in the various moves. One of the most hilarious, being the Donkey Derby game at the end, when the children rode on one another’s backs.

Sensei reminded us about courtesy and the pupils all bowed to one another at the beginning and end of each activity. Pupils were invited to attend any of the Judo lessons on a Wednesday for a ‘taster’ session and Sensei told us how many ladies are Judo champions and that both girls and boys are very welcome.