Healthy food, healthy tummies!

As part of Year 3’s Science topic on Life Processes, Chef Colin came to talk to Year 3 today about a healthy balanced diet. Colin was glad to see our water bottles on our tables and stressed the need for us to drink plenty of water through the day. One student told us “it isn’t good for you to have fizzy drinks as it damages our teeth”

Chef Colin told us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it was interesting hearing what the class had for breakfast today. Chef explained eggs and whole meal bread are good for us as that is a slow releasing carbohydrate which will help give us energy throughout the day.

One boy knew we needed 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. We have all enjoyed some fruit or vegetables at lunch today but it was interesting to learn that there are lots of different kinds of tomatoes and carrots can be orange, white and even purple!

Chef told us he was planning on changing the menu to include more fish as fish helps to keep us healthy.  The children then asked Chef lots of questions. Someone wanted to know how long Colin had been a Chef for. Colin replied, “ I started in 1988 and trained in South Africa.”  We were all impressed to hear Colin worked on the QE2 as well as in various hotels but we were pleased to hear he liked working in School! Others wanted to know if the food was cooked from scratch and Chef replied that "yes, all food is cooked from scratch but there is a team to help. "

One girl wanted to know what happened to food that isn’t used and Colin said he tried not to overcook so not too much food was wasted.

Year 3 really enjoyed Colin’s talk and it helped to reinforce the work we are doing in Science. Thank you Colin.