Educational visit

Gravel is Great

Year 4 pupils were invited to Cotswold Water Park to take part in a short film for the Mineral Products Association Awards.

Led by The Cotswold Water Park Trust, pupils were able to walk along one of the Water Park lakes, learning about the wildlife and plants, before partaking in activities learning about gravel and how lakes are formed.

Working as quarry managers, pupils were thoroughly engaged as they dug out the gravel, dusted off fossils, designed their specific lake area - a campsite, nature reserve and water park - and then had it filled with water!

Pupils were then filmed during the activity for a short promotional film to be presented at the Mineral Products Association Awards in October.

The Cotswold Water Park Trust will be visiting Prior Park later in the year and all pupils in Year 4 will take park in a more detailed version of the activity and learn about the process in more depth.