Bronze, silver and gold for Prior Park Prep fencing team

Bronze, silver and gold medals were awarded to Prior Park Prep School at the South West Fencing Championships at St Dunstan’s School, Glastonbury and also bronze at the England National Youth Championships, at the Hertfordshire Sports Village.  This followed on from wins at both the Independent Association of Prep Schools' National Fencing Championships and the Leon Paul Junior Series in Wales.

Dunstan Group Shot Final Image 1042

Scooping gold in epée Jacob, who has been fencing for three years, took his win with an unfortunate victory over his team mate Teddy. Jacob, who is a Gloucestershire county silver medallist in foil and a long standing stalwart of the Prior Park fencing Team, had the edge over Teddy having greater experience.

In the pooled round Teddy and Jacob were in separate groups, both boys emerging victorious and seeded first and second respectively. Jacob and Teddy both fought their way through the finals in the U11 epée.

In the direct elimination round, both boys fought through to the final with relative ease to set up an all Prior Park Prep School final. The final was 'nip and tuck' all the way to 7-7. On the finishing straight, Jacob pulled away to win, 10-7.

I am really pleased that I won.


His patience and tenacity serve him very well, when fencing epée.

Fencing Coach, Neil Bromley

Taking the silver, Teddy fought a valiant battle, despite having 12 months less experience than Jacob. That said, the close competition between the pair was an illustration of Teddy’s growing succwaa.  Teddy was part of the school’s IAPS National Championships winning team earlier in the year and his achieved silver in Wiltshire County finals. 

I was pleased for Jacob and it was really good to get to the final.


Teddy’s aim was to match his foil win with one in epée, unfortunately he met Jacob in the final. Teddy is a naturally assertive fencer, who wants to get involved in a fight. Greater experience should help in understand that, it may be better to pick off your opponent one hit at a time rather than an all-out attack.

Fencing Coach, Neil Bromley

Achieving a very well deserved bronze, Dara fought through to the Semi-finals in the U9s foil. Dara, who has only been fencing for one year, had a mixed pooled round winning three and losing five. However, one of those bouts went to the last hit to decide the outcome. As other children had also won some and lost some, Dara’s overall ranking was fourth. In his first knock out round he won 10-1 and his second 10-3, before reaching the semi-finals, where, unfortunately, he was beaten by a more experienced fencer. Despite this, he fought on and emerged with a very well deserved bronze medal. 

Alongside the championships at St Dunstan's, another team member of the Prior Park Prep School fencing team also won bronze at the England National Youth Championships, at the Hertfordshire Sports Village this month. Ed, in Year 8, competed in a group of 49 fencers to achieve third place in epée.

I am hugely impressed, with the efforts of the boys from Prior Park Prep School, with more great achievements for our school.

Fencing Coach, Neil Bromley