Gloucester Life Museum

Year 1 had a wonderful time at the Gloucester Life Museum. The day whizzed by and all the children enjoyed the experience of taking part in activities that Victorian children would have done. They started with a workshop on Victorian domestic life and after exploring a variety of domestic artefacts and comparing to how we do similar jobs today, they had a go at doing the washing and even squeezed the clothes dry through an original mangle. 

After all the washing chores the children headed outside to an old fashioned courtyard to have a play. Here they found a variety of games that Victorian children could have played to explore and enjoy. These included: hobby horses, hoops and sticks, and skittles. They loved playing with them and had a very lively playtime exploring together.

After a bit of fresh air the children returned inside and got dressed up in some Victorian clothing so they were ready to visit the school room. They lined up in boy and girl lines and marched into the classroom keeping to different sides of the classroom. They repeated the alphabet and did some handwriting on slates as well as a little maths. They sang ‘God save the Queen’ to Queen Victoria’s picture. They explored the various artefacts in the classroom and really started to see the differences to schooling today. It was quickly time for lunch and for a very short play outside again. 

The afternoon started with looking at different types of toys that girls and boys played with as well as looking at the types of materials used which links with Year One’s Science lessons. At the end of the workshop the children all got to play and enjoy the different types of toys.

To finish of the day the children went to visit the museum displays and had a good go at putting different pans on the range in the Victorian kitchen. The children had a fantastic time and it really did enrich their understanding of Victorian life.