Georgian Art Day

Our Year 6 pupils had a very inspiring day out in the Art department at PPC.  We took inspiration from the outstanding Georgian buildings that surrounded us.  We looked at the history and fashions from this era, their clothing, architecture, tea time etiquette and even their fantastic wigs!  Our children met the College's Year 7 pupils who wore their own oversized wig head-dresses, made from paper, which had been made previously.
The Art department staff ran two workshops which were hosted in the department's creative classrooms.  We had the pleasure of looking at some A Level moderation project work, which was a real treat and provided our potential scholars with an abundance of inspirational images, sculpture and media skills.  Our children drew tea-cups and used pattern and collage to create vivid teacup images which were inspired by the introduction of tea in the Georgian period.  They also made masks inspired by the Georgian Masquerade Balls.
Local landscape artist Peter Brown gave our children a highly captivating and superb talk about his artwork, career and inspiration.  The children had lots of hands-on and observational time looking at his paintings, both on board and canvas. Our children asked thoughtful questions and were genuinely struck by his talent.
We had a super day!  A very big thank you to Ms Seville and her team of teachers and technicians.  Our children certainly had an excellent insight into the Art department at PPC.