Educational visit

Explorer Dome

Pupils in Years 2 - 5 had a wonderful opportunity to enter into the Explorer Dome.  

Each group had a chance to experience a different topic within science. Matina and Ben made all the ideas come alive for the children, showing demonstrations and giving the pupils a chance to see the theories, they learn in lessons, in a different way.

When we got back to the classroom, the Year 2 children wrote the most interesting thing that they learned: 

“I learned that iron is the only metal that can attract a magnet.”

“We made a rocket with dried ice and it used carbon dioxide to pop into the air.” 

“I learned that the earth is the biggest magnet.” 

“The moon doesn’t glow, the sun shines on the moon.” 

“Friction was if a ball or something rolled against the grass and the grass went against it to stop it.  If there was nothing there, it would just go on forever!” 

“The real name for the Northern Lights is Aurora.”