Educational visit

'Egg'cellent Mathematics

One Year 7 Mathematics class has been working on a challenge to make money from the school chickens. 

The class was separated into two teams and group leaders were selected after each member of the class pitched their credentials to the group. The task has already enabled the pupils to develop their public speaking skills and work as part of a team. The children have been very positive about the task and it will help them to understand how the mathematics that they study during regular lessons, is relevant to the real world.

One of the groups will be tasked with selling the freshly laid chicken eggs to Pre-Prep parents and already took £11.00 of sales in the first week. The second group will be hatching chicks to sell at market/ on the internet site as they see fit.

Throughout the task pupils will keep spreadsheets detailing the costs that they've incurred and the income from sales. They have already completed a survey, gathered the results and revised the topic of averages. This information was then used to guide their selling price.

As part of the process pupils visited Cirencester Livestock Market to see how the process of buying and selling works. The pupils were mesmerized by the speed at which the auctioneer spoke and how fast the items were sold. They were able to gain an understanding of the costs involved in selling at market and even bid to purchase some more hatching eggs of their own! The first batch of eggs are due to hatch on Saturday 19 March.

 The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the outing and are looking forward to seeing how much money they can make before the end of the Summer term.