Designing Cities: A Workshop with Olympic Architect, Jason Prior

STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) Award pupils were inspired when the talented architect Jason Prior came to talk about designing cities. He showed the children some of his work which includes the 2012 Olympic City and Dubai's EXPO 2020 centre. The children then had a try at designing elements that they would enjoy in a city of the future.  

Mr Collins was pleased to see a 'Maths Zone' designed by Jacob and Mrs Paddock loved the children's inventive ideas such as marshmallow-dispensing towers and upside down houses. The desire for a city where there is enjoyment in shared spaces was very clear from all of the children and this dovetailed well with Jason's own philosophy of 'designing cities where people can enjoy living'.

It was an excellent workshop and our thanks to Jason for coming to visit.

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