Damian Hull’s Visit

Whilst his father, a flying officer, was posted to Singapore in the 1960s Damian Hull attended Prior Park Prep. This July, he came for a little trip down memory lane to the Prep School and Prior Park College.

Visiting first what is now the library, but was then the chapel, Damian recounted the location of the old entrance to the right of the existing door and how they sat in rows in the chapel. Sneaking a peak at the old black and white school photos taken at the rear of the building, he was able to find himself, his friends and teachers. Venturing upstairs, the Year 3 classroom brought back many memories of sitting in French class and being instructed to ‘Asseyez vous!’ as well as the aroma of the French teacher’s perfume that followed her wherever she went. He recalled how what is now the toilets was a teacher's room and home to the tuck shop! In the rear corridors, Damian remembered the school Labrador, that the Deputy Headmaster’s office was a laundry room and saying grace in the dining hall before meals. The common space at the back of the building, close to the playground, was a gym and behind the school was a field, complete with ponies who were given stacks of apples. 

As we ventured in to the playground Damian recalled, with the cheekiest of smiles, that on one occasion he and his peers were misbehaving in the second floor dorms and he had climbed down the drain pipe on the outside of the building to avoid detection.

Married to Martina and living in Europe, Damian enjoyed and valued his trip down memory lane.