Prior Park Prep is opening a LEGO® Education Innovation Studio

We are delighted to announce that Prior Park Prep School will be opening a LEGO® Education Innovation Studio in September as part of the new Creative Design & Technology Suite. The only school in the area to have this facility and one of only five prep schools nationally, it is a fitting addition to the Science and Technology capabilities of the Swindon area.

The LEGO® Education Innovation Studio is an amazing facility, providing experiential, engaging and exciting opportunities for the children. Inside, is filled with LEGO® Education Resources for computing and robotics. The familiar LEGO® is enhanced with moving parts, motors and sensors linked to intuitive programming software.  LEGO® bricks are combined with classroom software to bring science and computing to life: the children focus and experiment whilst learning programming.

LEGO is something the children know from home and on entering the studio they are immediately excited and motivated to learn. It is a joy for all to have this within our curriculum

Sarah Paddock, Academic Deputy Head at Prior Park

The LEGO® Education Innovation Studio is part of the new Creative Design & Technology Suite opening at the Prep School in September. The suite includes materials design, stop frame animation and a green screen studio. A dedicated model making and architecture area will offer pupils the chance to look at building and product design in three dimensions. The school will have fortnightly STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) workshops or visiting speakers to inspire the young learners.

In addition to the STEAM skills the children will acquire, the CD&T Suite and LEGO® Education Innovation Studio provides an excellent vehicle for developing those 21st Century skills of teamwork, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Craig Rulton from JTRS; an authorised partner of LEGO® Education is delighted that Prior Park Prep are opening this facility. “Tomorrow’s scientists and engineers are sitting in the classrooms of today, just waiting to be encouraged, inspired and activated. The Innovation Studio will become a hub for Prior Park Prep, a place for hands-on, active learning for pupils.”

It won’t just be Prior Park pupils that will benefit; the school and the team from JTRS will provide training for teachers from local primaries and run LEGO® Robotics sessions for school children.

LEGO® Education executives, local school Heads and D&T and ICT subject teachers, and STEAM business and research leaders from the Swindon and Wiltshire area will attend the official opening taking place on Thursday 28 September. 

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