Building and innovating at the Cricklade Festival

Prior Park Prep School was building and innovating with Lego at the Cricklade Festival yesterday to promote the opening of our new LEGO® Innovation Studio this September.

The stall, which was free to participate in, welcomed children of all ages to build Duplo Space Rockets, Lego Star Wars ships and to innovate with both Lego and Duplo. To add a touch of competition the space ship builds were all timed to see who could build the fastest.

With bright hot sunshine and a busy Cricklade Festival, the stall was busy all day with dads, mums and children of all ages taking part, some of which who returned multiple times to better their time. One family even enjoyed a Father's Day competition between themselves to see who could build the fastest - Dad even had photo with his finished space ship and certificate!

Dad Selfie Edited 798

It was all good fun, but also designed to make people aware of the Prior Park Prep School's focus on STEAM and the opening of our LEGO® Innovation Studio and new Creative Design & Technology Suite. 

Opening in September, the suite will provide opportunities for pupils in both Prior Park Prep and other local schools, to design and make products to solve real life problems. 

I love Lego, can I have a go?

Visiting child

This is a great idea, we've never seen anything like it!

Competitive Dad visiting the stall

Please can I have another go I want to do a better time.

Visiting child