Artificial INTEL-igence

Prior Park Prep School STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths) pupils, enjoyed a special visit to INTEL, as part of an initiative to show them the power of technology. 

Aiming to show that computers can have outputs that stimulate our imagination even though they have no innate imagination of their own, Tim Barrett, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer and his team created a day of special workshops for the children.

In the workshops the children had the chance to examine, programme, operate and enjoy a number of new technologies and innovations.

INTEL’s ‘Arduino’ remote controlled cars, gave the children the chance to steer vehicles around a course of cups, before undertaking the challenge to use their coding skills to produce different output colours.

Lifting the lid on the inner workings of computers, the children were able to see inside the machines they use every day, before becoming a part of the virtual world themselves to play games.

Programming a "human robot" to make a jam sandwich left the children in fits of giggles, because it was a messier and more challenging task than expected!

Rounding off the day, Tim Barrett spoke to the children about his passion for innovation and his belief in the power of technology. As he drew to a conclusion one of the children raised the following insightful question ‘Why does technology exist?’ 

It is in human nature to wish to improve the world surrounding us and that is what drives the inventions and improvements in the technology we use.

Tim Barrett, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer

I love it, I want to work here.

Year 4 pupil

It looks like a model of a town!

Year 4, when seeing the motherboard inside a computer

I'm amazed!

Year 5 heard that there were fridges which knew when you ran out of milk

I have been delighted to see the confident way that the children approached all the tasks. I have certainly been given even more ideas for projects in our new Creative Design and Technology suite next year.

STEAM Award Leader and Head of ICT, Mrs Paddock